Every day at work is a day at the beach!

Hear From Our Franchisee Sam

Why Terry Loves Hokulia



...put on the shorts, grab your surfboard, and join the nation’s premier tropical dessert franchise. Hokulia is putting fun and enjoyment back into franchising.

Laid Back Success

Plain and simple – no one does Hawaii better than Hokulia. That’s why we’re consistently one of the nation’s top franchises for frozen theme dessert locations. Offering a turnkey mix of lifestyle and entrepreneurial opportunities, we’ve created an attractive franchise package enabling you to capitalize on current successes! Surround yourself with fresh Hawaiian products, new creative ideas, and an efficient approach to serving Hokulia’s raving fans.

Your Trip Begins Here

Unassuming. Forthright. Straightforward. Hokulia’s proven plan is uncomplicated. We take you by the hand and work with you towards success. Our comprehensive franchise system and team of professionals are passionately committed to helping each franchise owner through the process of opening a successful business. You’ll find that our store and shack designs, products, and operating systems have been established through years of experience and with your success in mind.

Outstanding Products and Service Are our Passion

Authentic Hawaiian is not just a tag-line, it is a way of life at Hokulia. We embrace the rich history of shave ice, premium ice cream, and smoothies inspired by the Hawaiian Islands. This comment represents what we hear all the time from our customers “I love how authentic Hokulia is. It’s hands down the CLOSEST thing anyone will find to shave ice in Hawaii.” Our Hawaiian atmosphere, creativity, and fun are like taking our customers on a “mini vacation.” Each time you create a “Taste the Aloha” experience for a customer you too will enjoy the richly rewarding moments the “Spirit of Aloha” brings to life at Hokulia.

Our Team

Smiles, our measuring stick. Success is conteageous and you will find the Hokulia Ohana (family in Hawaiian) is full of people who love life, kids, music, dancing, and of course, frozen tropical desserts. They work hard and have fun doing it. Everyone from our corporate staff, to our employees, to our family of owners is committed to success in providing a great “Aloha” experience every time. You’ll feel it through a thriving team spirit and you’ll reap its rewards through happy and loyal customers. Hokulia’s franchise plan actively engages, inspires, and challenges people to make a positive impact at every level. Working as a team is what makes Hokulia dedicated to your success.

Your Choice

Together, we invest the necessary time to understand you and what you are seeking to accomplish. We thoroughly explore your timeline, investment range, and key goals. Most importantly, however, we share our visions, dreams, and passions. By engaging in a very direct, open, and honest dialogue, we will “discover” if it makes sense to move further. During this phase, you will get an overview of the business and learn the profile, style, character, and habits of a successful Hokulia business owner. If we both agree to move forward, we schedule the next step.

 Hang Loose at the Shack


Let us help you get started in a low cost business opportunity that will offer you the chance to achieve great profits while providing your customers with the greatest Hawaiian Shave Ice experience on the Mainland. Our recipes combine our high quality Ice Cream with our proprietary ice shaving process and that is what makes Hokulia authentic and unique.  The reasonable investment level is from $65,000-$109,000.



Our inline brick and mortar sites offer an expanded menu and the excitement of year round income.  Customers can choose from three tasty frozen desserts.  A visit to our store offers something for everyone. Select one of our 50 authentic Hawaiian Shave Ice flavor choices poured onto the worlds softest shave ice with a surprise ice cream scoop inside and a creamy topping to produce the World’s best Hawaiian Shave Ice Treat. Customers can enjoy one of 30 Flavors of Super Premium Hawaiian and tradition Ice Cream flavors. Chose from one of our 21 tropical flavored smoothies!  We put the smooth in smoothies by using shaved ice in the process.  We also have several green smoothie choices for those who want a healthy meal replacement. (you may add protein and other energy supplements).  These are perfect for an after workout boost. This opportunity requires a retail space of approximately of 1,000 to 1,500 square feet.  Depending on the cost of site development, the initial estimated investment is between $150k and $300k.

Free Standing Drive Thru


This is the newest addition to our retail opportunities. It features the convenience of drive thru and outside seating.


Financial Strength

Here’s the scoop. You will be working with a company that brings you the most authentic Hawaiian Shave Ice product on the mainland in the industry. Since Hokulia Shave Ice has been in operation, our sales have skyrocketed each and every year. In addition, we are backed by the Farr’s Ice Cream Company. Farr’s has been a leader in the Ice and Ice Cream industry for more than 90 years. They are a company with the experience, expertise and most importantly the financial strength that will allow you to reach your financial dreams and earn your just desserts.

On Your Own But Not Alone

You’re on your own but not alone, in business for yourself, but never by yourself. We have a proven track record for business success. We are the provider of marketing and advertising materials, on-going communication and training, product education, and an annual national convention. Hokulia/Farr’s give you the support tools you need to jump start your new business. Plus you have continual access to the Hokulia and Farr’s corporate professional team of experts with over 80 years of franchising experience. All these tools and resources assure you the maximum opportunity to succeed in your own business. Location flexibility is part of our plan. We provide assistance finding good locations through our association with a national commercial brokerage.

Ease of Operation

Our state of the art locations, our ease of menu preparation and our ordering of product, make multiple shack operations possible. We also offer thorough training both on-site and in our training facility. We will help you understand the secrets of operating a successful business. This includes proper accounting procedures and inventory control. As an example—your cost of goods will be lower because we are the manufacturer of the product. No middleman to worry about. Our inventory list is short and easily manageable, and our operations allow for minimum labor costs as well. That means not only Ease of Operation but also Greater Profits. *This is not an offer to sell you a franchise. An offering is made by prospectus only in the form of a Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD).

Wish You Were Here

We are offering packages that include a protected territory for each location. When you consider the low starting cost and the great sales potential, this is a great opportunity to maximize your ROI. We can send you a life changing Information Kit that relates our financial performance and individual fees and costs as shown in the Hokulia FDD. To learn more about franchise opportunities at Hokulia, please fill out the franchise application form and a representative from our franchise development team will contact you soon. For all other inquiries, please contact our Franchise Development Headquarters directly at (801) 478-4670.