Every day at work is a day of Aloha


Take your family to work and live the aloha together.

You will discover the joy of working together. Find meaningful collaboration with your partner, and set an example of hard work and sacrifice for your children. Let your family share in the ups and downs with you while investing in the future.

Hokulia is for all age groups. Children and adults, alike, can find pleasure in our hand-crafted Hawaiian treats and island atmosphere. Hokulia is the perfect family investment.


Take charge of your future and invest in yourself today.

As an owner of a successful business, you will find new freedom, fulfillment, and control of your life. Make your own schedule, choose your own employees, and make decisions for yourself.

We will be with you every step of the way. Once a franchisee, you will receive a week of in-person training with our corporate staff. Here you will learn from the experience of our corporate team and receive all the tools and systems necessary to get your business off the ground and build confidence in your own ability to succeed. You will learn about our systems of financial management, marketing strategies, hiring/firing employees, optimizing your schedule for greater profits, and becoming familiar with the products and procedures that make Hokulia the most authentic Hawaiian shave ice company on the mainland.




Customers can savor each bite knowing only the highest quality ingredients and procedures go into making our island-style desserts.

Experience volcanic explosions of flavor, and creamy scoops of paradise as you treat yourself to Hokulia’s authentic Hawaiian shave ice, super premium ice cream, and tropical smoothies.


Hokulia syrups are made with 100% pure cane sugar, and flavoring imported from Hawaii. Our ice is shaved into fine ribbons of the softest snow. Add a scoop of ice cream, sweetened condensed milk, li hing mui powder, and coconut flakes to make this the perfect island treat.


Our Hawaiian inspired recipes put the "smooth" in smoothie by using fluffy shave ice in the process. We also use real fruit in each smoothie to give customers a truly tropical experience.


Choose from one of our 30+ super premium Hawaiian and traditional ice cream flavors, and let your taste buds carry you away to an island escape.


Let your tastebuds choose from our selections of sweet and savory gourmet popcorn. We boast a broad lineup of flavors including top-sellers like Dill Pickle, Dark Chocolate Sea Salt, and so many more. We have the perfect size package for any occasion. You can even bring back your tub for a refill!

The Business Model

It’s simple! – Make a super “ono” product, have fun doing it,

and slay your competition in any of our 4 retail offerings.

The "Shack"

Our tried and true model. Maximum fun and mahalo!

Non-Stop Smile Maker

We'll help you get started in a low cost business opportunity that offers the chance to achieve great profits while providing your customers with the greatest Hawaiian Shave Ice experience on the Mainland. Our recipes, combined with our Premium Ice Cream and proprietary systems, is what makes Hokulia authentic and unique.  The reasonable investment level is from $65,000-$109,000.

Brick and Mortar

Vibrant colors, custom wallpaper, and killer line up of Shave Ice, Premium Ice Cream, Island Smoothies, and Gourmet Popcorn make this our flagship offering.

Our inline brick and mortar stores offer our full line of Hawaiian inspired treats with the excitement of year-round revenue. This opportunity requires a retail space of approximately of 1,400 to 1,700 square feet.  Depending on the cost of site development and tenant improvement money from the landlord, the initial estimated investment is between $185k and $300k. See Item 7 for full details about initial investment.


Create a long term asset with a container or prefab build. Utilizing a land lease is the way to insure your investment. No need to improve a landlord's property, you can keep or move this style of building with minimal cost of utilities and groundwork. Not only will you have a thriving business, but a long-term asset for you and your family. Initial investment costs will run similar to a brick and mortar store ranging from $180k-300k+ depending on similar factors.

Food Truck

Take this bad boy anywhere! This has proven to be a huge success as a standalone unit and as a companion to the brick and mortar store. Having a base of operations gives you more flexibility in product offerings according to the event. This allows you the versatility to offer ANY of our product lineup.

Questions? Can’t wait!